Assignment: Hardware Replacement Project

Published: 01st April 2010
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The IT (information technologies) department is replacing their old information system with a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to their corporate offices. When replacing the old hardware with the new system, there are five variables involved in helping the system work, they are, scope, risk, time, cost, and quality. I will explain how the variables will work with building the project. I will discuss the issues that come with project risk, and recommend different solutions to reduce the risk. Finally I will explain all the preparations with how to maintain the system.

Project management refers to the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to perform specific destinations for certain budgets and time constraints. They all so help plan the work to be performed, risk assessment, other resources to help with work, task, and action directions, progress reports, and figuring out the outcome of the project. With the hardware replacement project, the project management must use five variables for the information system, cost, time, scope, quality, and risk.

Five Variables - 3

Variables for information system

Cost is the time to finish a project times the daily cost of employees, cost of the hardware, software, and workspace. The project manager builds a budget and monitors the ongoing expenses.

Quality is how close the end results of the project came to meet the specified requirements from management. The quality of an information system is how well it runs, like making decisions, or accuracy, timeliness of information produced using the new system, and how easy the system is to operate.

Scope is the work that is or is not included in the project. Scope may consist of new computer tools to help a new CRM application. The project management keeps track of the scope to ensure the project is finished successful and without adding to the timeline of the original intentions.

Risk is the possible problems that could affect the outcome of the project. Delays might prevent the project from the dead line of completion by adding to the cost, lowering the quality, adding time or even from being able to finish the project.

Time is the amount of time to finish the project. The project management normally sets the time, where a project is to be finished. When a time is set for a certain project, it is then broken down into different task, keeping track of the time to complete each task is the project manager's duty all so.

Project- risk - 4

What Project, And How To Choose A Project

When you are choosing a new project, to help solve problems and improve the performance of the company. Benefits and cost are important to be shown, and how they relate to the companies information system. In determining the benefits of a solution, the cost and the overall benefits must be figured out. Having a solution where the cost is far more than its benefits should not be considered, but even if the benefits out weight the cost.

There is more research needed to determine if the investment is enough for the company to invest in. Capital budgeting is a way to determine whether they will make a profit from their investment. Scoring models and analysis of portfolio are ways to evaluate information systems. Analysis portfolio inventories the company information systems projects and assets, like infrastructures and outsourcing deals and licenses. Scoring models give different systems a single score if they meet certain objectives.

The project size, project structure, and the level of difficulty are the key elements to influencing the project risk. Large systems have a higher failure rate because of higher risk, and difficult in operating the system. To help minimize the risk with the (HRP) is to have well trained managers in the field needed for that department, or to outsource the project, if the company lacks the employees with special technical skills.

Charts, Risk 5


When one is planning a large project, it is a good idea to use pert or Gantt charts to monitor and document the project. A Gantt chart is used to plan how long a project should take, like list project activities and the time they start and when they are completed. Pert chart is a tool used to schedule, organize and coordinate task, like how a task is affected from another task behind a certain time line.

Using an impact analysis to monitor the company's changes, will help prepare for the project, making sure the impact analysis is organized to fit the company. Impact analysis is a major component for the organization's business plan, for reducing the risk. Reducing of the risk of the new project system by staying in control and having good support during the implementation process is important. The use of certain devices is important in taking care of the risk. The risk factor of a project, are affected by the size of the project, by how well the employees are trained in the organization. Having a good plan, using Pert and Gantt charts to track the companies task. It is a good idea to have the employees that will be using the system, to help build the system and get additional training in maintaining the system.



I have clarified how the hardware replacement project relates for project management on the (HRP). I have clarified how cost, time, quality, scope, and risk are connected to the project. I have also given some advice to use when choosing the project that provides the finest values for the company. I talked about the use pert or Gantt charts and why they are so important in large projects. I all so talked about an impact analysis, and how it tracks a company. I finished my report with saying how important having well trained employees, with all the special skills. Otherwise it would be smart to outsource the whole project.

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